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Club events held outdoors during the hotter months will be subject to cancellation without notice if the forecast temperature for the day of the event is above 37C.  The forecast temperature for the event day will be taken from the previous evening ABC radio or TV forecast.

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Something for the Ladies

       Musings from the Registrar
Again this year we had a good turnout of members for our annual Log Book Lunch.
The weather was a bit overcast and showery but we still had quite a few old cars turn up, mainly ones with hard tops.

Our chief cook Pete Buckby ably assisted by Gary Beelitz soon had the barbecue underway and by 12.30 the perfectly cooked food was ready to be served.
All members brought a salad and desert and after eating our meal we were then forced to eat the large range of delicious deserts, there was no shortage of food.
As is usual at our functions there was plenty of chatter, laughter and friendship shared.

The library was a busy spot as some members had their logbooks signed or paid their membership fees or both.

The day was a great success and enjoyed by all, it's always pleasing to see how everybody chips in and helps to set up and clean up making the day easy and pleasant for all.

Once again thanks to everyone for coming along and making the day a great success.

Cheers Bob & Sue Verrall
For the first time in many years we do not have a Luedeke on our Chev Club committee. Clive Luedeke has decided not to work on the committee this year because he has difficulty getting to meetings. I think that Clive has made an almost continuous contribution since the inception of the club in 1975. Clive and his late wife, Jean, have been stalwarts of the club and served on many positions on the Committee and consistently attended not only our club runs but also many other Chevrolet events around Australia. Clive a foundation member, has made a significant contribution to our club.
Clive and Jean worked tirelessly at all the GM days held at Tanunda. They were on all the Events Committees from 1981. Clive and Jean won Best Attendance Awards at least 8 times.
Clive and Jean were awarded Life Membership to the Veteran and Vintage Chevrolet Automobile Association of Australia ( South Australian Branch Inc.) in 2009.
We all acknowledge Clive and the late Jean's dedication, contribution and friendship.

Owen McArdle


Clive LUEDEKE was born in Port Lincoln. Clive's father was born in Adelaide and lived at Hilton. His mother was born in England and came to Australia in late 1925. His father and mother met up and married and as his father had done several jobs as a builder in Port Lincoln and liked it up there, Clive's parents decided to move there. His dad decided to change occupations and bought a butchers shop in Port Lincoln and started butchering. Clive left school and his dad wanted him to follow him into butchering however his mother would have preferred him to be a mechanic.

Clive's dad bought a property of approximately 200 acres out of Port Lincoln and they used it to run stock and build them up before bringing them in and butchering them through the shop. They bought a Ford three ton truck to ferry the stock in to the butchers shop. Amongst many other tasks, Clive's job was to go and get the load of sheep or cattle and ferry them to the property or eventually to the butchers shop.  Clive remembers having three cattle on the back of the truck one day and becoming hopelessly bogged. He had to untie the ropes from the cattle and wind these ropes around the tires to get out of the bog. He assures me that the cattle were still safely held in their grids on the back of the truck.

His father died and Clive and his mother kept the butcher's shop running. Clive made a recipe for sausages that was so well liked that several times he had to make up to 200lbs of sausages to keep up with demand.

They leased out the shop and went back to England for six months to visit relatives. They sold their property before they went back to England and they bought a house in Adelaide. When they returned Clive went back to butchering initially in Port Lincoln and then in Ade-laide relieving at several places around Adelaide including Woolworths at North Adelaide. Whilst in Adelaide, he enjoyed fishing, shooting and going to dances.

On a whim, he saw that a bus company at Plympton needed a part time bus driver and so he applied and later become full time for the next thirty five years.

Clive met the foreman of City Motors who was doing some work at his own place and at Clive's place and from him learnt a lot about mechanics. That knowledge grew and Clive continued to self teach and thus grew the amazing amount of knowledge that he has today.
Clive went to a dance in Adelaide and had a dance with a lovely young lady by the name of Jean. He asked if he could drive her home and was surprised when she said yes. When he got to her place, he asked her if she would like to go out on Sunday and once again she said yes. When he got home his mother asked how his night was and if he met anyone interesting. He told her about Jean and said I think I have got her hooked.
Later he took her for a drive up into the hills and sitting in the front of his car with her, looking out at nothing in particular, asked her to marry him and she accepted. They were married in Feb¬ruary 1966 at Unley. Clive and Jean adopted a son Walter in the 70s. Clive retired from bus driving in 1996.
He currently owns the following vehicles.
1939 Master 85 Coupe
1947 Fleetmaster Coupe
1949 Utility
1954 Sedan

And of course they are all Chevrolets. Clive has recently retired as the Property Officer for our club. He has also been our photographer, and our President. He and Jean are currently life members. Clive was also heavily involved in GM Day.

Clive Luedeke's History

Best Restoration                                      2000
Most Progressive Restoration                   2018
Most Potential                                         1982
Best attendance overall                         1991, 1997, 2013, 2015, 2017
Best attendance in a modern                 1988, 1989
Vice President                                       1996, 1997
Treasurer (Jean)                                   1983 till 1995
Property officer                                     1983 till 2018
Club room delegate                               1998 till 2007
Dating and Inspection officer                 1986 till 1993
Librarian (Jean)                                    1997 till 2014
Life Membership                                   2009
Special Committees                        10th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 25th & 40th                                                          anniversaries
Events Committees                 81/82, 84/85, 85/86, 87/88, 88/89, 95/96,
       The end of an era
Having just received an online copy of "The Communicator for August 2019, I was very pleased to read the very appropriate and fitting tribute to Clive Luedeke, honouring his service to your club.  I was able to visit Clive last month during a short visit to Adelaide, when I also met his son Walter for the first time.  We shared a chat and a cuppa in their warm kitchen. While I was there, Brian Barber called in to see Clive so I was able to meet him also.

I note the mention in your President's Page, Owen, of the fact that Clive and Jean were strong supporters of interstate Chevrolet events, and this was how my wife Judy and I came to be good friends of theirs.  Their attendance at VVCAA Ltd events in NSW as well as joint VVCAA Ltd/VVCAA (Qld) Inc. events was admirable considering the distance they travelled to do so - usually by one of their Chevrolet vehicles but more recently by modern vehicle. 

It was this support of interstate events (and, no doubt, Clive and Jean's strong support of your club) that led to the receipt by Clive in 2007 of the "Louis Chevrolet Award" by VVCAA Ltd.   This is that club's highest honour and recognises members who have given outstanding service to VVCAA.  I thought that this honour should be added to Clives list of achievements.

With best wishes,

Bryan Cantrell (VVCAA Member No. 50 and foundation member of VVCAA (Qld) Inc.)
Hello Ladies,
Once again, half of the year has gone and I have precious little to show for it. I have made the Christmas cakes and puddings, which is a bit of an achievement for me, its usually a few weeks before they are needed!

This month I am sharing a popular recipe, which has a slightly different taste than expected.

French Apple Cake.
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
125g butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 lge eggs
1 tsp vanilla
3 tblsp dark rum
2 apples, peeled and cut into smallish pieces.

Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. (about 3 mins). Add eggs, one at a time beating well and scraping down the sides between each. Beat in the vanilla, salt and rum. If the batter looks grainy at this stage, ignore it. It makes no difference to the outcome.
Add the sifted flour mixture and beat on a low speed until just combined. Using a spatula, fold in the apples.
Pour the mixture into a 22cm cake pan, round or square, depending on how you want to cut it. If not using a loose bottomed pan, line the base with baking paper and grease again.
Bake in a moderate oven for around 40 minutes, or until cooked when tested.
After cooling, sprinkle the top with icing sugar and slice. Serve with cream.


A couple of interesting thoughts sent to me by various contributors,

I thought it was the drier that shrinks my clothes; turns out it was the refrigerator.

At my funeral, I want someone to take the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into the crowd, to see who's next.

There was a safety meeting at work today. They asked me, What steps would you take in the event of a fire? Apparently, Big ones is not the correct answer.

If I was a plastic surgeon, I would put a squeaky toy inside every breast implant.

On that note,

Firstly, I would like to thank all our members who have already paid their subscriptions and have had their log books signed for the oncoming year. You are a credit to our club and we appreciate your quick attendance to these matters.

We still have a few members who have still to pay their subscriptions and get their books signed.
Could those members please not drive their conditionally registered vehicles on the road until they have their subscriptions paid and logbook signed as their vehicles will be unregistered and uninsured. I am available to sign your logbooks once your club subscription is paid.

This can be done by meeting with me at my home 35 Lurline Boulevard Sellicks Beach or organising to meet me on a day that I am up in Adelaide. Books can also be posted to me and I will sign them and post them back to you provided you are a current financial member of our club.

Any questions you may have please contact me at home, 35 Lurline Boulevard Sellicks Beach, on my email address,home phone 7222 5858 or mobile
0416156213. I look forward to helping you get your vehicles back on the road.

Bob Daly