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Feature Story
Why 1939 Chevrolets?

What makes 1939 Chevrolets still popular today? Perhaps contemporary advertising gives some clues. Phrases such as, New colours. New luxurious interiors. New super deluxe equipment. New refinements throughout. Every inch of it says LET'S GO. It's the sensationally beautiful Chevrolet for 1939. Chevrolet, Public Favourite No. 1. Another reads Don't be fooled about car values, WHEN YOU CAN BUY CHEVROLET AND GET AT LEAST £50 MORE  VALUE. The latter goes on to explain 11 ways to prove the extra value. Open body models from £312; closed body models from £332. Sold and serviced by Chevrolet dealers throughout Australia,1939 body styles were: sedan,  coupe, roadster (sports and commercial), utility and panel van. All 39 utes were of the full-door type with wind-up windows, unlike 1937/8 where both half-door and full-door variants were available.

City Motors sells Chevrolet
No doubt many club members will remember City Motors Pty Ltd as one of the Chevrolet agents in Adelaide during the 1930s and will be interested to read the selling points featured in two advertisements that were printed in August 1937, presumably in the Adelaide Advertiser. It may be difficult to read the fine print on the roadster advertisement, so some interpretation may be beneficial. The lower right text box promotes the availability of Two cars in one for the long-distance driver , the new 2-speed rear axle available as optional equipment on all Chevrolet models gives 15-20% more fuel economy, higher  performance in traffic and on hills and less wear on the engine.  The opposite box relates to the "Air Chief " car radio.

It is interesting to note that the artists drawing of the utility shows that it lacks a front bumper bar, which seems somewhat at odds with the text which states ...these Chevrolet utilities are good looking too , one glance will convince you that on any occasion, in any company, Chevrolet is the smartest utility you can buy. Available as both Master and Standard and in full- or half-door styles. Available as both Master and Standard and in full or half door styles.

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