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Club events held outdoors during the hotter months will be subject to cancellation without notice if the forecast temperature for the day of the event is above 37C.  The forecast temperature for the event day will be taken from the previous evening ABC radio or TV forecast.

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              Barossa Valley Run

We were fortunate again with the weather for our Club Run to the Bethany Reserve on Sunday, 8th April. The day was fine and quite warm as we set off to meet in the Tea Tree Gully Council Car Park. Maureen and I arrived at about 10.15am to see Sue and Robert Verrall already there. They must have left Morphett Vale at dawn! I think they got the times confused because the designated meeting time was 10.30am and they were ready at 10.00am. Anyway, we waited as more cars arrived and a quick trip down to McDonald resulted in some good coffee to get us started.

We were pleased to see Harold Heaven come along to say hello, even though he did not participate in the actual run to Bethany.
Eventually a good group of about a dozen cars set off on the run, following Bob and Cathy Daly to ensure that no road rules were broken and all speed limits adered to! The run up through the the hills and via Lyndoch and Tanunda was excellent. We are fortunate to have such scenic and leisurely roads near to the city to use our cars.

Arriving at the Bethany Reserve, we were able to park under some beautiful gums providing plenty of shade for our cars. The tree also provided protection for many parrots who were obviously well fed - as seen by the deposits on our cars!
We had our lunch on the oval, under the shelter David Bourne had brought along. It was good to have some shade as the sun was pretty strong by then. Daniel Kelly and Marianne arrived while we were there, and introduced a young couple who had recently purchased on of Daniel’s excess vehicles and joined the club to enable them to access Conditional registration.
Maureen and I then left at about 2.00pm to return home ready for an avalanche of grandchildren for tea. It had been another good day where we used our cars and enjoyed the friendship of our members. Thanks to Gary Beelitz and Bob Daly who organised the run. Robert Verrall had his camera and has provided a good photographic record for the magazine.

                                           Owen McArdle

             The story of our Torana...

“Our Torana” was purchased from Aslin Motors in Millicent, SA in 1974 and serviced from new by Ryan's dad Brad Turner. When looking for a reliable car for Ryan and his three sisters around 1992, Brad asked if the Torana was for sale. It was and a deal was made. The Torana was then still painted in the original Orchid Metallic colour but Ryan's sisters didn't want to drive a 'pink' car. Brad re-painted the Torana red and it was driven regularly between Mil-licent and Adelaide while Ryan and his sisters were living in Adelaide at Uni. The Torana wasn't used a lot after about 1998 and it was eventually parked at Ryan's parents' house in the South East of SA. Brad sadly passed away in 2011 after a couple of year’s illness and there were thoughts of selling the Torana. When Ryan's wife Kirsty learnt of its history and its original colour, she encouraged Ryan to buy the car from his mum and get it back on the road.
The restoration took around 18 months. Almost everything was rebuilt except the original 173ci 6-cylinder engine which was just painted and put back into the car. New old stock parts were sourced when the originals couldn't be repaired and tracking down original Doeskin vinyl insert material proved to be quite a challenge! The car has the original T-bar Tri-matic transmission and the wheel trims were standard on all LH SL models.
The Torana was finished as a surprise for Kirsty's 30th birthday in January 2015 and given to her as a thank you for inspiring its restoration. The 2015 Bay to Birdwood was the first trip away for Ryan and Kirsty in the Torana with their son Flynn who was born in July of that year. It ran flawlessly and brought back many memories for Ryan who had last driven it to Adelaide almost 20 years before. They are looking forward to many new memories enjoying the Torana as a family in the years to come..."

We heard via Facebook that a Holden display was being put together for this year’s “Adelaide 500”. It was to mark 70 years of Holden and advertised as a “Walk through six generational changes of Holden with every model on dis-play restored to showroom condition.” We didn’t think much more of it as we live in Mount Gambier and guessed the cars would have already been found around Adelaide. A bit closer to the event we heard from a friend that the organisers were still looking for an original LH Torana. It seems finding an unmodified car in factory condition hadn’t been easy. We weren’t sure how we’d work out the ‘logistics’ of the event but sent a few photos of our car to a contact we’d been given to see what he thought. It turns out he remembered us and our car from the 2015 Bay to Birdwood and said it was just what he was after

While the SLR, GTR and GTS models are always popular, he mentioned there aren’t too many of the more basic models left even though they dominated the roads ‘back in the day’. We now knew we were going and that our car had to be at the track early Thursday morning and couldn’t leave until after the race on Sunday. We would receive tickets for the 4 days including the concerts which was a great bonus! The next step was to organise some time off work and ask our good friends Bob and Cathy Daly if we could stay with them for a few days. We then started thinking about how we’d get there. Although using a car trailer was one option, we didn’t restore it to be trailered around so decided to drive the Torana and another regular car up to Adelaide so that we had transport for the weekend. It was a fun trip but still took around 6 hours as we caught up in Keith and Tailem Bend so Flynn could have a run around. I was amused that 5MU was the only music AM radio station we could pick-up back in the early 1990s and that nothing had changed! We heard at the club meeting on the Friday night that Phil and Marj Luke were involved in a vintage caravan display at the track so looked them up on the Sunday and took a photo of their wonderful setup. Overall it was a fun trip and our first ‘Clipsal’ experience was a memorable one.

                                                            Ryan & Kirsty Turner.
Hello Ladies,
This letter is being written in a bit of a rush, because somebody in this household wants to have the magazine completed and printed before we leave for our trip on April 15th. My page, as often happens, is the last one to be filled!
This month I am sharing with you another old favourite biscuit recipe.

Amaretti (Italian Macaroons)
125g ground almonds (also known as almond meal)
1 cup caster sugar
2 egg whites
1/2 tsp vanilla essence or extract
Few drops of almond essence.
Blanched almonds for decorating.

Combine the ground almonds and the sugar in the small bowl of an electric mixer, add the egg whites, vanilla and almond essence and mix well.
Beat on medium speed for 3 minutes. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.
Place mixture in neat, heaped tsps. full on baking paper lined oven trays, allowing room for spreading.
Split the blanched almonds in half with a sharp knife and place half on top of each biscuit.
Bake in a moderate oven for around 12 minutes, or until the tops are just lightly browned.
The biscuits are very fragile when still warm, so allow to cool on the trays. (speaking from experience here!)
Makes around 20 biscuits.

To finish off, I am including a small lesson in “be careful what you wish for”, courtesy of a friend.

Mavis and Frank, who had been married for more years than anyone can remember, were watching TV one evening, a program on death and dying. In particular the dis-cussion was about the vegetative state some people end up in, when Frank leans over to Mavis and says, “if I ever get into a position where I am dependent on machinery and fluids out of a bottle to survive, you will put an end to it, won’t you?”

“Yes, of course dear”, as she rose from her chair, pulled the plug on his television, and poured his beer down the sink.
On that note,

I had written him a text
Which I'd sent, hoping the next
Time he came in mobile coverage
He'd have time to say hello.
But I'd heard he'd lost his iPhone,
So I emailed him from my smart phone,
Just addressed, on spec, as follows:

And the answer redirected
Wasn't quite what I'd expected
And it wasn't from the shearing mate
Who'd answered once before.
His ISP provider wrote it
And verbatim I will quote it:
'This account has been suspended:
You won't hear from him anymore.'

In my wild erratic fancy
Visions come to me of Clancy:
Out of reach of mobile coverage
Where the Western rivers flow.
Instead of tapping on the small screen,
He'd be camping by the tall green
River gums, a pleasure
That the town folk never know

I am sitting at the keyboard,
I'm too stressed out to be bored
As I answer all the emails
By the deadlines they contain.
While my screen fills with promotions
For 'Viagra' and strange potions
And announcements of the million-
dollar Prizes I can claim.

But the looming deadlines haunt me
And their harassing senders taunt me
That they need response this evening
For tomorrow is too late!
But their texts, too quickly ended,
Often can't be comprehended
For their writers have no time to think
They have no time to wait.

And I sometimes rather fancy
That I'd like to trade with Clancy:
Just set up an email bouncer
Saying 'Sorry, had to go.'
While he faced an inbox jamming
Up with deadlines and with spamming
As he signed off every message:

Well, the bush has friends to meet him
But the rest of us can't greet him:
Out there, even Telstra's network
Doesn't give you any bars.
He can't blog the vision splendid
Of the sunlit plains extended
Or tweet the wondrous glory
Of the everlasting stars.
The New Code of Practice came into effect last year. Members are now coping extremely well with the new conditions, and we have had several new members join our club with their beautiful vehicles.

Our Club financial year ends on the 30th of June 2018. Your membership renewal form must be filled out and subscriptions $50 paid by this date if you want to continue to drive your conditionally registered vehicle on the road. The membership renewal form will be included in the June Communicator which you will receive in the first week of June. You can either pay our Membership Secretary in person or internet transfer your amount to the bank account bsb number and account number on the membership form. For those of you who receive the Communicator by email, I will include a copy of the renewal form with your copy of the Communicator.

Remember that if you are not a financial member by the 1st of July then your vehicle will be unregistered and uninsured. Do not drive it on the road until you are financial.

You must also get your log book signed by the Registrar or Assistant Registrar for the year 1st July 2018 till 26 August 2019. Make sure this is done as close as possible to the 1st of July 2018.
I must notify the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure of the details of any member who is not financial by the 26th August and has a conditionally registered vehicle. Their vehicles will be taken off conditional registration and will require a new MR334 form and a new registration fee to be paid.

So please remember.
If you have a conditionally registered vehicle with our club:
Pay your subscriptions by the 1st of July
Get your log book signed by the 1st of July or at least by the 24th August. Do not drive your vehicle on the road if you are not a financial member for 2018/2019.

More reminders next month. Any questions regarding any matter concerning Conditional Registration please feel free to contact me on 7222 5858 or 0416156213.
                                                             Bob Daly